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Museum-Quality Matte Paper Print available in two sizes:

12" x 16" (30cm x 40cm): $35.00

24" x 32" (60cm x 80cm): $48.00


"Eärendil was a mariner that tarried in Arvernien; he built a boat of timber felled in Nimbrethil to journey in..." - The Fellowship of the Ring, Book 2, Chapter 1: Many Meetings


Have you ever wanted to memorize Bilbo’s poem, "Eärendil Was A Mariner", as recited in Rivendell in The Lord of the Rings? The language and meter of it are exquisite, but its length can be challenging without prompts. This is the origin of this original, museum quality print; I based it on a set of flash cards I had painted to help me learn Tolkien’s stunning poem, and if you read the painting left to right, right to left, and so forth, you, too can commit the lines to memory, or simply enjoy being reminded of the story.


I have combined elements of both the poem and of the prose, “Of the Voyage of Eärendil” which may well be my favorite part in all The Silmarillion. His bold journey to the forbidden shores of Valinor to beg forgiveness for the elves’ rebellion is as epic as any myth that’s ever been told, and the fact that he is received with mercy is deeply moving.


First, we see Eärendil building his ship in the birch forest of Nimbrethil, and clothing himself resplendently before setting sail. He is nearly lost at sea, but his wife, Elwing, comes to him in the shape of a bird, bearing a Silmaril. He reaches Valinor and finds it strangely empty, but just as he turns to go, he is greeted by Eönwë, the herald of Manwë, who says his coming has been long-awaited. He is then clothed anew by the Elves and sent to the timeless halls of Manwë where he is shown secret visions. His ship is hallowed and remade of mithril and elven-glass and he is set to sail the night skies, envisioned here as the garment of Elbereth, as a sign of hope for those suffering in Middle-earth.


Because of the voyage of Eärendil, the Valar at last capture the great enemy, Morgoth, setting the background for the well-known events of The Lord of the Rings, in which Eärendil and Elwing’s son, Elrond, finds himself called upon to help the Fellowship determine how the Ring of Morgoth’s servant, Sauron, will be destroyed. Epic, indeed!


Whether your goal is to be able to recite Bilbo’s splendid poetry in the Hall of Fire nearest you, or you would simply like a painting in your home that tells a wonderful story, this museum-quality art print will help you enjoy Tolkien’s themes of sacrifice, courage, mercy, and hope again and again. These are certainly things worth thinking about!

"Of the Voyage of Eärendil" Tolkien Art Print

  • Every print you purchase comes with a white border for your convenience. The 24” x 32” print features an image that is 20” x 24” total, with a 4” border on the top and bottom, and a 2” border on either side. The 12” x 16” print features an image that is 10” x 12” total, with a 2” border on the top and bottom, and a 1” border on either side. If you take your print to a framer, you can either have it framed with the border or have your framer remove the border before framing.


    The 250 gsm/ 110lb paper is perfect for fine art, designed to last for years without losing its original beauty. It is FSC-certified paper or equivalent certifications, depending on regional availability, for the sake of the Earth. Each poster is shipped in robust packaging, ensuring it arrives safely and securely. Paper sizes may vary slightly by region. For the US and Canada, the measurement is in inches, while for the rest of the world, it is in centimeters.

  • Your order will be printed on-demand by Gelato - a recognized leader in the creation of fine art prints. As the artist, I have ordered samples of my prints to ensure quality, but if you experience any quality issues, please contact support at Gelato via the many support options offered on this page:

    Thank you so much for your purchase. Wishing you great enjoyment!

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