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About Miriam Ellis

Greetings! I'm Miriam Ellis. I'm an award-winning fine artist. My work has taken first place in many adjudicated art exhibitions in California and is held in private collections throughout North America.

My Tolkien art has been featured on the covers of the Tolkien Society's Peter Roe Series XXIII, Translating and Illustrating Tolkien, edited by Will Sherwood and published by Luna Press, and the Beyond Bree Calendar and has been featured in popular YouTube channels including Nerd of The Rings and In Deep Geek. My illustrations are also included on many pages of The Tolkien Gateway and in numerous online and offline publications of various businesses, organizations and societies.


I am not currently accepting private commissions, but please purchase my prints here on my website. I welcome all commercial and institutional inquiries. 

My work features many dearly-held subjects: literature, the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, the life of the human family, nature, holiness, Ireland, California, and more, but a unifying theme of my art is appreciating goodness. Clients and customers who feature and purchase my work tend to value creating spaces in their lives for reflection on the nature of goodness in our world. 

Please visit my Tolkien Art page to purchase prints and my gallery to view a wide array of other pieces. Thank you so much for viewing and considering my work. 

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Watch a Video About My Tolkien Illustrations

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