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Museum-Quality Matte Paper Print available in two sizes:

12" x 16" (30cm x 40cm): $35.00

24" x 32" (60cm x 80cm): $48.00


“Thinking it unnecessary to disturb your esteemed repose, we have proceeded in advance to make requisite preparations, and shall await your respected person at the Green Dragon Inn, Bywater, at 11 a.m. sharp.” - The Hobbit, Chapter 2: Roast Mutton


The opening chapter of The Hobbit, and the engrossing supplementary information found in The Quest of Erebor, make it clear that the dwarves are unconvinced that Bilbo Baggins is the right companion for their adventure to the Lonely Mountain. Given this, it’s an act of kindness and friendship when Dwalin lends Bilbo a green hood and cloak for the journey. It makes the little hobbit one of the party, and Bilbo will keep this well-traveled garment for the rest of his life.


It’s a beautiful April morning in this original painting of the Green Dragon Inn in Bywater. The dwarves are just about to set out from the comfortable Inn. Kili is taking a last look at his baggage, while Fili holds the picket rope of Thorin Oakenshield’s horse. Dwalin looks on in amusement at Bilbo trying on his wayfarers’ garb, while Balin whips on his scarlet cloak. Two curious hobbits look out a window at the clamor of Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Oin and Gloin sitting at a table in the garden as Ori steps out of the Inn, followed by Dori and Nori. Snapdragons bloom everywhere, and Bilbo’s courageous decision to take the road to a real dragon sets in motion so many tales to come.


Prints of the painting may give you courage for your own road, and when you get it home, you may enjoy noticing some of the small details, like the dragon on the hanging sign by the Inn’s door and the Certhas-inspired metal work in the dwarves’ belts. Are you reading The Hobbit to a lucky child for the first time? Use your print to play a game of naming the dwarves by the colors of their cloaks. Imagine yourself at The Green Dragon Inn any day of the week with this fine art print hanging in a special spot in your home.

"At the Green Dragon Inn, Bywater" Print

  • Every print you purchase comes with a white border for your convenience. The 32” x 24” print features an image that is 24” x 20” total, with a 2” border on the top and bottom, and a 4” border on either side. The 16” x 12” print features an image that is 12” x 10” total, with a 1” border on the top and bottom, and a 2” border on either side. If you take your print to a framer, you can either have it framed with the border or have your framer remove the border before framing.


    The 250 gsm/ 110lb paper is perfect for fine art, designed to last for years without losing its original beauty. It is FSC-certified paper or equivalent certifications, depending on regional availability, for the sake of the Earth. Each poster is shipped in robust packaging, ensuring it arrives safely and securely. Paper sizes may vary slightly by region. For the US and Canada, the measurement is in inches, while for the rest of the world, it is in centimeters.

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