Lá Fliuch i mBaile Átha Cliath (A Rainy Day in Dublin)
Bean agus Iníon den Iascaireacht (The Fisherman’s Wife and Daughter)
An Bealach (The Way)
The Seaweed Gatherers
The Star of the County Down
Cuimhnigh An Lá (Remember the Day)
Obair Bhaile (Homework)
Lá Fhéill Bríghde (Saint Brigid’s Day)
La Rosa Soberbia (The Proud Rose)
El Cuento Del Maiz (The Story of Corn)
The Bitter Herbs
Study of “The Laughing Cavalier” by Franz Hals
Oneing Number One
Thank You, Jane
The Restoration of Natasha Rostova
Knitting the Islands

Iris and Crocus Beautify Life
Tea for Two, Cookies for Four

Björnbär (Blackberries)
Aingil (Irish Angels)
Evening Prayer
An Bealach Glas (The Green Way)
Breeny Mor
Ar Bóithrín na Smaointe (On the Little By-roads of Thought)
Oneing Number Two
Within Reach
A Literary Family
Visiting Francis
The Artist in Her Studio
The Sabbatical
The Sugar Bowl
The Society of Roses
All Thanks to Beavers
An Caoladóir (The Basket Maker)
My Early Spring
Stillness Before Song
The Token
The Galway Shawl
Tea for Miss Happiness and Miss Flower
Refreshed and Encouraged
Number 3 Bagshot Row
One, Two, One to the Side
More than Chance
Leaf and Branch, Water and Stone
The Springle-ring
Wake Now, My Merry Friends!
Three Books of Lore
A Nice Little Second Breakfast
An Elf-stone
Bears’ Meeting at Beorn’s Hall